The city of Torhout and the Fielesoofen

September  2th , 3th and 4th 2022, hold that date! Torhout: the place to be! On September 2th , 3th and 4th Torhout is hosting the WC BBQ. The city of Torhout managed to win the organization of the international competition with the support of the Fielesoofen. De Fielesoofen are eager to use all their experience to turn it into a fantastic party for the participants, the visitors, the organizers and the tourists. You will find everything you want to know about the WC BBQ right here!

WC BBQ on Sunday September 4th 2022

The big BBQ Party will kick off at 10h on Sunday September 4th. You can be part of it as a visitor, participant, sponsor, collaborator or even as a member of the jury! 80 teams will compete to become the next World Champion BBQ. Anyone who wants to take part needs to register before November 1th 2020. The teams will be notified if they have been selected or not by November 15st 2020 . 

The grilling will take place on different types of barbecue, which will be announced by November 21st 2020. The types of meat and fish and the content of the foodbox that will be used will also be announced by then. 

The cost for participating is 600 Euro including VAT .

Included in the cost:

- All main ingredients for the 6 categories.

- The foodbox filled with various sidedish ingredients for the 6 categories.

- Plates for the presentation of the 6 categories.

- Plates for sale 'cooking from the homeland'.

- All infrastructure necessary for the team area.

- Optional: providing of charcoal.


The City center of Torhout, on and around the market square.


  • 10 a.m.
    The official start of the BBQ party on the Market square of Torhout.
  • 6 p.m.
    The awards ceremony will take place on the stage on the Market square.

Registering for the WC on September 4th 2022

How to compete in the WC
80 teams only are allowed to compete. Don’t lose any time!

There are two obligations any participant must fulfill:

  1. Every team needs to register. 
    You can easily do that by filling out the contact form, which you can find here. You will receive a confirmation of your registration.
  2. Every team needs to be a member of the World BBQ Association. 
    If you are not yet a member, you can register for membership here. If you are a Belgian team, a membership with the Belgian BBQ Association is sufficient.

Register for the WK BBQ 2022

If you want to participate with your team, then your team needs to be registered first.