Will you become a member of the jury?

The WC BBQ is a competition and there is no competition without a jury. The World Championships need to be judged professionally and impartially for the World Champion to be picked. We are counting on a number of national and international members of the jury who are experienced in judging barbecue competitions at high level. 

Are you a WBQA certified judge and are you interested in judging these dishes from around the world? Please fill out this form so we can contact you about the WC BBQ 2021 in Torhout. You will be in the beating heart of the competition! 

Member of the jury for national competitions

To be able to judge you need to become a WBQA certified judge. You can do this by taking the course for judges. If you pass, you will receive your certificate and number of the jury. Thereafter you are allowed to judge all WBQA competitions during  national barbecue events.

Are you part of the national judging team and would you like to be a judge at the WC 2021? You can sign up through the contact form on the right.

Member of the jury for international competitions

If you want to judge international competitions, you can register with the WBQA International

Are you interested?

Are you interested in the jury course or do you wish to get more info? Submit your application through the national or international form. We will keep you posted when the next course will take place.

Contact form for national judges

Are you a BBQ enthusiast and do you want to be a part of the national team of judges? Fill out the form.